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Raintree Apartments 

Situated off the bank of the River Thames and surrounded by three major roads, we were tasked with the conversion of the iconic former bed and breakfast into a modern, welcoming space. A huge part of the project was the creation of a basement structure. Alongside this, the surrounding buildings/structures have been fitted with underpinning to support their foundation, and the finished apartments will be fitted with three layers of waterproofing materials to satisfy insurers. 

Mark Lecky's M53 Motorway Bridge at Tate Britain 

Tate Britain required competent and skilled contractors to create Mark Leckey's ambitious exhibition "O' Magic Power of Bleakness". The principal challenge was to create precisely the M53 Motorway Bridge so that the gallery visitor would feel as if they were in the underpass as they experienced the installation. The project included the additional challenge of building a slope as part of the underpass and ensuring that all av equipment had minimum impact on the exhibit. 

Towton Road 

The owners of Towton bought this run-down property and required a partner to manage the entire property renovations. The owners wanted to entirely modernise the property and undertook the large task of gutting and rebuilding the interior and completing exterior works. Clemlec managed the renovation project in under 5 months, working within budget and providing the owners with a beautiful new interior including a loft conversion, plumbing, staircase and redecoration. 
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